Alberta Pork Congress update: Five things to know

Posted on June 13, 2018 by morwebadmin

Certified organic options that fit a range of marketplace demands are among the highlights

The world of swine production is rapidly evolving and advances in feed technology are helping to lead the way.

One of the best showcases of the progress at hand is the Alberta Pork Congress, June 13-14, 2018, in Red Deer, which for 40 years has provided social and networking opportunities in addition to a first-class tradeshow that is an annual must attend for many across the industry.

The Country Junction Feeds team has a booth at the show. The latest knowledge and solutions featured there provide an excellent example of the trends and opportunities in swine feed and nutrition that operations can take advantage of. This includes strategies and solutions to help producers make the transition to new rules coming into play that place greater restrictions and oversight on antimicrobial use. A focus on alternatives and bio-based solutions as part of integrated strategies can help operations not only adjust but do so while achieving their best results yet.

Supporting healthy, productive pigs

Here are five things to know. Learn more about these and more by visiting with the Country Junction Feeds team.

1. Rising importance of feed and nutrition solutions

In a world of swine production that is increasingly shifting to natural, more efficient, bio-based approaches for elite level animal care and performance, innovations in feed and nutrition are quickly rising to the forefront as a top factor for 2018 and beyond.

"Swine producers today have more more choice, better options and more opportunities to benefit both the animals and their operations," says nutritionist Dr. Nancy Fischer. "It's a great time to take a fresh look at the strategies and solutions available."

2. Meeting new rules and expectations

Swine production is entering a new era, with a new mindset about how best to support the performance of pigs at all stages. The new rules and expectations are driving a shift away from artificial inputs and over-and reliance on antimicrobials. There’s more focus on high quality diets, top quality feed and the use of improved nutrition strategies and supplements to get the most feed value and benefits possible, while reducing waste and environmental impact.

“We have always believed in being proactive and staying ahead of the curve to help operations seamlessly transition to evolving needs,” says Fischer. "With the right strategies and tools, swine producers have excellent opportunities to meet today's demands while running highly productive, efficienct and profitable opeations."

3. Strong focus on animal care and welfare

Today’s best approaches also have strong components to support optimal animal well-being and comfort throughout a variety of situations, including elements that support fast recovery from energy depletion and protection from the negative impacts of stress, says Fischer. For example, one leading option is DeStress-Swine, an innovative nutirtional therapy option that helps pigs in a variety of situations involving transition, movement and transport, protecting the animals against the often hidden and costly negative impacts of stress.

Recent progress has also included advances in milk replacers, with new generation options designed to optimize animal nutrition, performance, care and welfare for piglets. A leading option is the Canadian Nurs-ette line of milk replacers, with alll Nurs-ette products developed in certified organic, antibiotic-free facilities. Milk replacers are a nutritional technology that is rapidly advancing in sophistication and has an important role to play. The right approaches during the early stages of development with young animals allow producers to lock-in unique advantages that carry forward throughout the production cycle, turning a great start into a great finish.

4. Pathway of continual improvement

Overall, the landscape of swine feed and nutrition represents an exciting area of innovation that is on a pathway of strong continual improvemen. That's good news for producers, both now and into the future, says Dave Gibson, Canadian sales manager with Country Junction Feeds.

“Whether the priority is animal health, productivity, efficiency or animal care, the future is all about a much stronger focus on feed and nutrition,” says Gibson. "As a swine producer, taking a closer look at your feed and nutrition approaches for your animals is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do to make quick, big improvements. Feed impacts everything. Today we have more knowledge and options to maximize the benefits. Getting the right advice is also critical – nutrition expertise, experience and local knowledge all comes in to play to find the right fit for your farm.”

5. Feed mill advances driving progress

Top feed mills have also raised the bar with advanced biosecurity measures and quality control protocols, along with the adoption of new leading edge nutritional, manufacturing and production technology, to ensure consistent top quality formulations and product – all produced and delivered quickly and efficiently. Country Junction Feeds, for example, has recently invested in range of feed mill and production line upgrades including new state-of-the-art formulation and bagging systems.

Country Junction feeds is arriving at a 10 year milestone as the first major full line commercial feed mill in Western Canada to offer a broad range of pelleted and crumbled certified organic feed -- including a full line of certified organic swine feed.

Natural, feed-based approaches to strengthen performance are an excellent fit with what is most accepted and preferred in the marketplace today, says Gibson. “With the rise in specialty markets, along with changes coming such as the new rules restricting antimicrobial use, there has never been a better time to update nutrition strategies and take advantage of the new options.”

“The more we learn from the growing body of science, the more clearly we understand just how critical it is to maximize nutritional support during the early stages of an animal’s life,” says Bernie Grumpelt. “Milk replacers are a nutritional technology that is rapidly advancing in sophistication and has an important role to play. The right approaches during the early stages of development with young animals allow producers to lock-in unique advantages that carry forward throughout the production cycle, turning a great start into a great finish.” Read More.

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