The Big Read: Country Junction Feeds making news

Posted on January 15, 2018 by admin

Fast out of the starting blocks entering 2018 are a range of new developments in feed innovation that are making headlines. Here are some top examples featuring Country Junction Feeds, its valued partners and featured products:

Nurs-ette ensures strong start for young animals

Ken Nyback is all about finding ‘win-wins’ for young livestock and the producers who care for them. It’s a focus that has driven the development of Canadian Nurs-ette Distributors Ltd. through his long shepherding of the company. It has never been more critical than it is today, he says.

“Taking advantage of new and improved ways to raise and care for animals, and to support the increasing all-natural, welfare-friendly demands of the marketplace, is good for everyone involved,” says Nyback, general manager of the Camrose, Alta., based company. “Milk replacers are just one tool with a very specific role. But given what we’re learning today about young animal nutrition, that role has arguably never been more important.”

Milk replacers and related young animal nutritional strategies have come a long way, says Nyback. Click here to read more about it on Medium.

The new nexus point: Feed and nutrition anchors cutting-edge solutions

What's new in poultry for 2018? As more poultry farms shift to antbiotic-free (ABF) production or reduced use of antibiotics, a growing body of industry examples points to feed and nutrition as a critical factor in success.

"Whether you are talking about health and welfare, performance and profitability, or quality and safety -- the area of feed and nutrition is an important nexus point," says Dr. Nancy Fischer, nutritionist at Coiuntry Junction Feeds. Click here to read about it in the latest edition of Canadian Poultry Magazine.

'Three-legged stool' of management, health and nutrition

As poultry producers look to strengthen their approaches, finding ways to better integrate the "three-legged stool" of management, health and nutrition is vital, according to Poultry Partners, a valued partner of Country Junction Feeds.

"We see nutrition as complimentary," says Shawn Fairbairn, nutritionist with Poultry Partners. Industry trends such as the shift aaway from using antimicrobials or pressure to improve the environmental footprint of production likely will require greater integration among those three areas and a more complex understanding of the production process. Click here to read more about this in the internationl edition of Feed Navigator.

Integrated strategies power new future

In addition to in-house expertise, the Poultry Partners model includes a broad network of collaboration. A leading example is the company's partnership with Country Junction Feeds, which was among the first feed mills to achieve ionophore-free, ABF status, ensuring that all feed sourced from its operations is verified to meet the strict requirements of ABF production and related retailer programs. Click here to read more about this in a recent edition of Feedstuffs magazine.

Stress fighting product has animal welfare and economic benefits

A product for reducing shrink during transport is worth considering. DeStress feed supplement, offered via Country Junction Feeds, counteracts dehydration and mitigates the potential negative effects of stress, offering animal welfare benefits and a significant economic return.

"This is one more tool to ensure healthy well-treated cattle are being raised on Canadian farms," according to one recent article. " . . . If we can retain some of that shrink by feeding a nutritive supplement before shipping it will be a positive experience for the cattle and will return economically for the producer." Click here to read more about this in the Alberta Farmer Express newspaper.

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