Provide the necessary digestible intake protein required for optimum rumen function

  • Fermentable sugars removed - leaves high levels of digestible fiber
  • More fat and protein compared to corn
  • High levels of phosphorus and potassium

Provides necessary intermediate rumen relase protein

Enhances palatability to entice cattle to consume needed amounts of nutrients

Will not depress forage intake and digestibility as can products with high sugar & high starch content

Palatable source of fat for increased energy that improves cattle performance without depressing forage intake and digestibility.

Valuable source of highly palatable bypass protein for that extra protein requires prior to and after calving

Country Junction Protein Tubs contain only essential nutrients with no cheap fillers

Easy handling plastic container (no deposit, no return, recyclable)

Manufactured to withstand losses due to rain and snow

Designed to optimize cattle performance by providing the nutrients required to balance forage-based diets at the lowest possible cost

Country Junction Minerals have been long recognized and trusted by livestock managers and owners for providing superior livestock performance.  Country Junction Protein Tubs contain the same trusted mineral formulations for balanced year-round nutrition.

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